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General Rose Information etc.

  • The American Rose Society is a great resource for rose information, including local society lists and Consulting Rosarians available by email.
  • The Pacific Northwest District of the American Rose Society contains links to all the local districts in the PNW District (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, western Montana, British Columbia and Alaska).  Here you can find rose show dates, local society websites, rose show results, and much more.
  • HelpMeFind Roses is a site that catalogs rose varieties, with photos, descriptions, and nursery sources.
  • The Portland Rose Society  was established in 1888 and is host to one of the premier rose shows in the country every year. 
  • The Tacoma Rose Society  was founded in 1911, and maintains the Point Defiance Park Rose Garden in Tacoma
  •  For over 25 years Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix have been growing, studying,   photographing and writing about roses, and they now have a collection of more than 4500 photographs, with the number still increasing.  They have published over 1200 rose photographs on their web site.
  • Organic Rose Gardening Tips and Techniques for organic rose gardening.
  • Bugs and Roses Home Page  Baldo Villegas is a professional entomologist who shares his love of bugs with a love of roses. The site contains information on entomology resources, IPM, biological control of insects and weeds, sources of beneficial organisms, and much more.
  • Harkness Roses is a British company that is also the site of the Royal National Rose Society.
  • Agriscape is an online directory and search engine for agricultural professionals to research topics on agriculture and surrounding industries.
  • Victor Poison-Free Pest Control and Safer Products is a commercial site for people who are concerned about using traditional pesticides to solve pest problems.
  • Heritage Rose Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of old roses.  Their website is a wealth of information on growing and identifying old roses, along with links to gardens, historic articles and catalogs, seminars, conferences, books and journals.
  •  Great Plant Picks  is an educational plant awards program of outstanding plants for the maritime Pacific Northwest. Administered by the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, GPP relies on a selection committee of horticultural experts from throughout the region.  See their list of acceptable roses on our Growing page.
  •  DripWorks is a great online source for DIY drip irrigation systems - information, design tips, and supplies.  They have unique 'Easy Loc' fittings that are just the thing for those of us with weak hands.  I won't use anything else anymore.
  •  Territorial Seed in Cottage Grove, OR is the source for not just seeds for cool climates, but gardening supplies as well - frost blankets, soil heat mats, cloches, shears, books, trugs, labels, cold frames and parts, grafting supplies ...
  • The Seattle Tree Fruit Society has tons of information on those other members of the Rose family that so many rosarians also grow:  the apples, cherries, plums, pears etc.  Especially interesting are pages on identifying unknown apples, and taking scions for grafting.



Mail Order Madness

bullet Antique Rose Emporium  800-441-0002 9300 Lueckemeyer Rd., Brenham, TX 77833
Own-root Antique, Earth-Kind, Pioneer and Old Garden roses in 2g pots.
bullet Chamblee's  Roses 10926 US Hwy. 69 North Tyler, Texas 75706-5933 800-256-7673
1g roses. The original source of Earth-Kind roses. Austins, Bucks, minis, some own-root roses.

bullet David Austin Roses Ltd. 15393 Hiway 64 West, Tyler, TX 75704
 2-year old, field grown, budded plants on Dr. Huey. Shipped bare root starting in January. Most of Austin’s complete output (some seem to have been discontinued) plus OGRs and some modern roses. Nice website, good pix, some cultural information.
bullet For Love of Roses 499 Lucy Kelly Road, Brighton, TN 38011  (330) 360-8510
Own-root mini, mini-flora, and single roses in 6" pots.  For Love of Roses is acquiring the rose assets of hybridizer Whit Wells, and will carry other hybridizer's lines as well.  Exhibition and garden roses.
bullet Greenmantle Nursery 3010 Ettersburg Road, Garberville, CA 95542 (707) 986-7504.  A self-described comprehensive collection of the genus Rosa.  Selections from every major class and growth habit, with an emphasis on historical importance, beauty, rarity, and disease resistance.  Two-gallon own-root plants grown outdoors, shipped January through April, root balls wrapped in plastic bags.  Order by phone, payment by check or money order.  Fascinating website, elegantly written, very informative.  They also sell rare heirloom fruit trees, individually grafted on specialty rootstocks.

bullet Heirloom Roses 24062 NE Riverside Dr., St. Paul, OR 97137
Own-root plants. Greenhouse grown, first-year plants in 2” bands. They guarantee virus-free plants. Outstanding selection, especially of varieties from England; OGRs, brand new roses, and everything in between. Great website.

bullet High Country Roses 9122 East Highway 40 PO Box 148  Jensen, Utah 800-552-2082.  Potted own-root roses in quart containers.  Specializing in hardy roses.

bullet Northland Rosarium 9405 S. Williams Ln., Spokane, WA 99224
 An eclectic collection of roses, old and new. Own root plants shipped in 1-qt.containers. Good selection of Griffith Buck roses.
bullet Palatine Roses  2108 Four Mile Creek Road, RR #3 Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. 
Roses are budded onto Multiflora seedlings. Specializing in fragrant and hardy roses.

bullet Pickering Nurseries 670 Kingston Rd., Pickering, Ont. Canada L1V 1A6 
2 year old budded plants on multiflora japonica, shipped bare root. Extensive selection of old and new roses, many new varieties from Europe. Good website.  Unfortunately they are not shipping in 2015 but hope to reopen in 2016.

bullet Regan Nursery 4268 Decoto Rd., Freemont, CA 94558
Budded roses from most major growers, shipped bare root. Advertises over 1000 varieties. Takes orders only from November 1 through January 31.

bullet Rogue Valley Roses  P.O. Box 116, Phoenix, OR 97535
Potted own-root “antique, rare, and exceptional roses”.  New home for the roses of Paul Barden of Corvallis, OR.

bullet Rosemania 4020 Trail Ridge Dr., Franklin, TN 37067 
Bare root roses from Weeks. Minis and minifloras from Tucker and others. Large supply of pesticide products.

bullet Roses Unlimited 363 N. Deerwood Dr., Laurens, SC 29360
 Huge collection of new and old roses, including all AARS winners from 1940 to the present. Own root, container-grown plants, shipped in 1-gal. containers.

bullet Vintage Gardens 2833 Old Gravenstein Hwy S., Sebastopol, CA 95472 
Probably the largest selection of roses in North America. Nursery is closed, but Friends of Vintage Roses is maintaining the collection and an online database will be available in the future.
bullet Wisconsin Roses  7939 31st Ave., Kenosha, WI 53142
Bare root “maiden” plants (budded but not yet sprouted) on seedling multiflora understock. Small selection of modern  florist and exhibition roses, many unique offerings, some from Mississippi hybridizer Eddie Edwards.  Sells virus-free rootstocks for DIY budding.  Check/money order only, order by phone or email only.


Local Retail Nurseries

  • Bark & Garden Center at 3334 Mud Bay Rd in west Olympia, between Cooper Point Rd and Evergreen Parkway, is a full-service nursery with a good selection of roses.
  • The Barn is another full-service nursery, at 9510 Old Highway 99, south of 93rd Avenue SW, between Tumwater and Tenino.
  • Gordon's Garden Center at 308 E Yelm Avenue in downtown Yelm is another full-service nursery with a large selection of roses and organic gardening products.  Their rose selection is geared towards those needing less chemicals.
  • Raft Island Roses specializes in ... roses.  Thousands of roses.  Nothing but roses, as far as the eye can see.  Definitely worth the drive - if you like roses. No antique roses, though; modern only.  At 7201 Rosedale Avenue NW in Gig Harbor, west of Highway 16, and east of Rosedale Nursery, on the north side of the road.  Owned and operated by a member of the Tacoma Rose Society and his family.


Local Public Rose Gardens

  • The Centennial Rose Garden, on the grounds of the Schmidt Mansion in Tumwater, Washington, is maintained by the Olympia Rose Society for the enjoyment of the public. The garden contains over 300 roses. The garden is open without charge 8:00-4:30 M-F. The address is 330 Schmidt Place, near the old Olympia Brewery.

  • Priest Point Park, in Olympia, Washington is host to a small but well maintained rose garden.  Operated by Olympia Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, the Park is a total of 282 acres with Puget Sound Budd Inlet views, Puget Lowland forest, hiking trails, picnic areas, and access to gravel beaches.  Boston Harbor Road runs through the park, and the rose garden is in the section of the park on the east side of the road.

  • Point Defiance Park, in Tacoma, Washington is home to a beautiful rose garden. It is maintained by park staff with the assistance of the Tacoma Rose Society.

  • A small but lovely garden is the Gertrude E.V. Baker Memorial Garden in Tacoma. It is located in the central plaza of the MultiCare Medical Center hospital complex, near downtown Tacoma. Designed as a healing influence for the patients of Tacoma General and Mary Bridge Children's hospital, it is visible from many patient rooms. The garden is maintained by professional staff with the assistance of the Tacoma Rose Society.

  • The Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden includes an all-organic rose garden maintained by the Seattle Rose Society.  The garden is located on 24th Ave S in SeaTac, north of the airport and near the Community Center and Senior Center.  There is also a Japanese garden, a Paradise garden, and displays maintained by the iris, daylily, and fuchsia societies.


Soil Labs

  • Soil and Plant Laboratories was used by Sunset Magazines to run an analysis on Starbucks used coffee grounds for a magazine article.  Jan Ignash likes them too; she says to use the Anaheim office rather than San Jose.  (714) 282-8777  4741 E. Hunter Ave. Unit A Anaheim, CA 92807.
  • Thurston Conservation District can do basic soil tests for county residents.  (360) 754-3588, 2918 Ferguson Street SW Bldg 1, Suite A Tumwater, WA 98512.
  • University of Massachusetts is recommended by WSU Extenstion.  (413) 545-2311 Fax: (413) 545-1931   Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Lab, West Experiment Station, 682 North Pleasant Street, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003
  • Earth Co. is recommended by users of the GardenWeb Roses forum.  They offer nitrate nitrogen tests, manure analyses, etc.  They also offer a soil particle analysis but you can easily do that yourself with instructions on this web site.
  • Earthfort (541) 257-2612  635 SW Western Blvd Corvallis OR  97333 
    Recommended by members of the Corvallis Rose Society.  They test your soil microbiology, not nutrients or physical composition.  They can tell you what your soil's microbial population is like, testing for mass of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, nematodes etc.  They can test roots for mycorrhizal colonization, and they can test soil for E. coli and for nitrogen cycling potential.  They cater primarily to the agricultural community but the CRS is using them in revamping their society rose garden.  Earthfort also sells organic fertilizers, amendments, and compost tea.

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